Hermitude is the latest great thing coming out of Australia right now …

Even with the unparalleled advancement in technologies and everyone seemingly glued to distracting phones or websites at all times: Regional areas of the world still manage to etch out their own styles in unique ways. It would appear we’re not as interconnected as some would think.

It’s not that we can’t just Google “the next big thing out of Australia” and be bombarded with great music — we can, and do — but the world of media hasn’t yet come to the point where every. single. thing. sounds the same. This isn’t more highlighted than when we listen to the electronic heavy dance acts coming out of the land down under. From Flume, to Cut Copy to the pioneers of The Presets and in between — the vibe is all its own.

And then there’s Hermitude, a tropically tinged dance act toasted with punching hip-hop back-ends and aggressive drops. Their anticipated album isn’t out just yet, but the guys promise to bring some of the new tracks to Cervantes’ Masterpiece when they get here on March 25. Before they swing by, we asked them to give us their Pregame Playlist and answer a few questions below.

Hello Hermitude! How are you gentleman? We hope you’re all well?
We good! It's nice to be back here in the USA.

Describe hip-hop scene in Sydney a little bit for us. Is it bustling? Just starting? Is it more underground or does it see its share of mainstream?
It's definitely flourishing right now. We've watched it grow over the years from super underground gigs with like 100 people to Aus Hip Hop acts headlining main stages at Australia's biggest festivals. In Sydney a couple of crews who are doing big things are Horrorshow, Thundamentals, One Day, Big Village and of course our own label, Elefant Traks.

Since it’s Australia, are independent artists considered “Down Under-ground” — get it? Because it’s like … down under … and underground …?
Umm not really.

How about the dance scene? How does it compare to other parts of the world?
Australia has a great dance scene. At the moment it's huge with acts like Flume, Waveracer, Ta-ku and so many more leading the charge. Then you have legends like The Presets who are also from Sydney so there's a big legacy there, which we're proud to be a part of.

How hard is it for Australian artists to make the trip to the US, and what benefits do you gain from doing so?
It's obviously quite a mission for us and it's not easy because it's hard to make money when you have to come so far. But we all do it because any chance to spread your music around the world is always welcome. When we first played in the states, we stayed on peoples couches playing small club gigs so to be coming back here now and getting on some great festival bills is a massive buzz!

South by Southwest is generally a drunken mess for everyone involved. Do you think you’ll be able to make it back on the road after such a party? Where should we send the care-package of antacids and greasy breakfast burritos?
Ha! I once ate a burrito in Tuscon that lasted me a whole day, shit was so big it lasted me breakfast lunch and dinner … We can't wait to hit SXSW and play/see some amazing music, eat some BBQ, wash it down with some beers and then recuperate in LA.

Is the album pretty much finished? Or are you not even close and stressed the F-out about the coming release date?
Nah it's done. We finished it just before we came over here. Now we just gotta come up with the title and we good to go. Can't wait to unleash the beast on ya'll.

Are we going to be hearing some of the tracks from your new album at the show?
Indeed, world premiere. Ain't never played these puppies at gigs before so we’re pretty psyched!

What can we expect out of the Hermitude performance coming through here in Denver? Are we going to be dancing our ass off and making questionable decisions, or will it be a mellow ride with time to relax?
The former for sure. We try and get everyone in the place moving, so we encourage Denver to bring their dancing kicks and get sweaty.