Click here to experience Dopapod's playlist before it gets here for a 3-night run at The Bluebird Theater.

Coming in hot with a sound the band describes as an “electric alien party,” Dopapod is a far cry from its basement dwelling college roots it once thrived in. Originally from Boston, the progressive rock quartet is now all about its 2016 Spring tour, a ride that begins in Denver on Thursday, Mar 31 and runs for three solid nights through to Saturday, Apr 2. Ready yourselves for an incredible weekend at the Bluebird Theater packed tight with dance filled mayhem by checking out an eclectic playlist the band built before its arrival — and check out an interview with the guys below.

Describe your sound for someone who's never heard of Dopapod using 3 words:
Electric Alien Party

Do you have an official name for your fans? Dopapodians? Dopers?
“DopaFam”. There is actually a FaceBook group by the name! Lots of posts containing nonsense, goats, palindromic (real word?) references, and personal information about the band members.

Which one of you usually gets stuck driving the most on tour?
“Gets stuck” isn’t really the way I’d describe it … I do a lot of the driving. Our crew, Doug and Nic, help out a ton too. Sometimes band members and a certain LD help out … that’s usually when I’ve had a few too many … Ok, that sounds bad. Everyone has his or her time and place when driving is required and needed and they always step up to the plate. It’s quite a responsibility! Whoever is at the wheel has to keep that beast of a rig (15 passenger van and a 16 foot trailer) riding comfortably, safely, and has the duty of keeping 9 people alive. You know, the odds of dying in a car crash are like, 1 in 300 or something … now add a big ass trailer to that and … you get the idea. Next question!!

What kind of headaches do you come across putting so many live recordings out on Bandcamp?
Luke Stratton, our LD, is in charge of that. He would be the person to ask. I would say, since the band is perfect and everything we do and say is nothing short of poetic genius, I’d guess its quite easy for him. Throw on some compression on that batch and send it out!

How did you guys come to be friends / band mates?
One day after football practice, we were all in the locker room shower. After some up and downs of each other, Rob, Eli and I realized that we all had huge d-units! We looked at each other and agreed, 'Holy crap! With a packages like this, we’re going to be friends forever.' One thing lead to another, blah blah… we decided starting a band was a pretty great idea. Scotty joined later.

When there's band strife do you box it out with fists or do you have a more peaceful way to settle differences?
Usually a band meeting in the shower.
If someone in the band was ever going to win an Oscar for best acting who would it be and why?
Rob actually just won a Golden Globe. I’m not exactly sure for what (see below).

(hint: not actually Rob)

Do you have any special plans when you're in Denver?
Some of us will be sleeping in; some of us will be skiing. All of us will be very excited to have a few no-travel days while in Denver!

What can we expect out of the future of Dopapod?
We’ll be recording a new album in May. Festivals this summer. FALL TOUR!!



Herbie Hancock – “Palm Grease”
David Bowie – “Blackstar”
Portishead – “Humming”
Radiohead – “Exit Music (For A Film)”
Aphex Twin – “Omgyiya Switch7”
Cornelius – “Smoke”
Aretha Franklin – “Let it be”
Mark Guiliana – “I Create Your Own Future” (not featured)
Miles Davis – “‘Round Midnight”
Queen – “Don’t stop me now”
MEGADETH – “Symphony of Destruction”
Pantera – “5 Minutes Alone”
Dead Kennedys – “Holiday in Cambodia”
Jeff Beck – “She’s a Woman”
Black Sabbath – “Sweet Leaf”
Sublime – “40 oz.To Freedom”
Chopin – “Nocturnes, Op. 9 No.1 in B-Flat Min”
The Beatles – “Strawberry Fields Forever”