What happens in Vegas stays on your credit card will be the new phrase for Robert Pearman, the Encino, California lawyer responsible for trashing the luxury suite at the Wynn Hotel. Mr. Pearman and five women were found visibly drunk by hotel staff hours after they'd managed to turn the three bedroom, 5,280 sq. ft. Encore Tower Suite into a disheveled shit show similar to the one portrayed in the 'Hangover' movie. According to the police report, the floor was strewn with broken glass, food was smeared everywhere – the walls, the floors and the drapes. Furniture was kicked over and chairs pillows and six lamps were damaged. 

Luckly, Pearman had a perfectly good explanation for all of it:

'I take full responsibility for what happened here. We were partying,' he told officers through slurred speech.

'I did all of this. I am responsible for all of these people. Let my people go.'

His Las Vegas attorneys immediately rescinded the confession of guilt as drunken rambling and restructured the defense by claiming it was a 'third party' who destroyed the hotel room. Police let Pearman's people go but charged him with malicious destruction of property.

The two-story duplex luxury suite boasts twice-daily maid service, a billiard room, a massage and exercise room and a whirlpool tub. The entire package boasts stunning 24th-floor views of Las Vegas that can be hidden or revealed on demand, thanks to remote-controlled curtains. 

To accompany what will surely be a hangover from hell is the estimated cost of damages to the hotel suite estimated at $96,000. 

Pearman, a workers-comp lawyer said he intends to fight the case, adding he will 'depose Steve Wynn and make this place Napalm.' 

In the 'Hangover' the group's problems were solved in only two days. Something tells us Mr. Pearman's might take longer. Reality's a bitch.