Whenever we begin to lose faith in America, we look to France. Rather than teach personal responsibility, a French mother decided to take her daughter's English exam for her. It's the French equivalent to the SAT. This sends the message that her daughter is very spoiled or very dumb, whichever message it sends, it's not a good one. Thankfully, we can all sleep well knowing the French officials who identified the mother immediately, let her finish the two-hour exam before notifying her the gig was up. Further punishment for the pair of cheaters has yet to be determined beyond the fact the mother now knows her face resembles an old catchers mit more than a 19-year-old girl.  

Via The Guardian: The 52-year-old woman, reportedly dressed in Converse baseball boots, jeans and a lot of makeup, managed to be admitted to an exam hall in a lycée in Paris instead of her 19-year-old daughter. Because the exam center was not at her daughter's high school and because some adult students also sit the exams, she made it into the hall easily, laid out her pens and settled down to begin work on the three-hour English composition exam. An official who wandered up the rows of desks glancing at the candidates' ID cards noticed the imposter straight away, having seen the daughter sitting a philosophy exam two days before. She notified the head of the exam center but, not wishing to disturb the other students, did not evict the mother straight away.

Only after she had been writing her exam paper for two hours did plain-clothes police arrive and wait outside the exam hall.

An official gently asked the woman to leave. "Thankfully, she left with no difficulties," a lycée representative told Le Parisien.

"The 20 or so other candidates present didn't notice anything."

The woman was taken to a police station in Paris's 10th aggrandizement for questioning. It was not clear what sanctions the mother and daughter could now face, ranging from a fine to the daughter being barred from sitting exams for a period of years.