Online dating safety is important, but what is flirty and what is too much? What’s the “nudes” protocol? What should your policy on sexting be?

In today’s world, the internet is quite easily the best way to get and stay connected to everything. You can shop, order food, check weather for travel plans, look up just about anything you’d want to find out, stay in touch with people you already know, and find so many different sites to meet people you don’t – like chatting rooms for adults.

Sometimes, when you’re looking to get some action, going online seems a lot easier and a lot more appealing than going out on the town.

Online, you can find whatever it is you’re looking for and it could be from anywhere in the world. If you want something closer for more literal and physical meet-ups, you might want to find a more local pond. But if you’re looking for a quick internet hookup, then the possibilities are endless.

If you’re in the generation of newer adults, chat rooms were probably something you were warned about growing up. But as an adult, seeking rooms like that is a perfectly viable option – as long as you’re smart enough about what you’re doing.

1. Remember the Basics
Even in chat rooms for adults, the basic guidelines of chat rooms should still apply.
Don’t give out your address and other personal information to a whole room full of people you don’t know. It’s bad news to invite everyone and their dog (scratch that, please don’t let anyone invite their dog) over for a hookup.
Personal addresses and information shouldn’t be given out at all.
Even in local rooms where you’re intending to physically meet with someone you’re talking to — try to meet at a public place. Because what you were warned about growing up can still hold true. You never know with the internet.

2. Watch Out for the Nudes
Another common practice with hooking up through the internet and chat rooms is to send nudes. This is an especially common request for women. Guys are always asking for them – always. Sometimes they’ll send you pictures of their own even if you don’t want them to. Even if many of them don’t seem to think anything negative could come of having pictures like that out there, don’t be fooled – it’s a very real issue. One could see the temptation, especially for a hook up that isn’t local and therefore isn’t actually physical. You wouldn’t mind getting an image in your head of what you’re getting off to. That makes sense – except it’s easy for anyone to leak pictures and information all over the internet. Is it worth the humiliation and possible threat to your social life and job just for some quick fun? Ladies, if some skeeze is creeping on you to send nudes, send him a nice picture of your favorite nude eyeshadow palette and move on to the next one.
If, like most people, protecting your privacy and personal pictures of yourself is a concern, keep your photos to yourself. Sharing them should only be with someone you absolutely trust and you know has earned your respect. Rarely is respect earned in ten minutes in a crowded chat room set up for single adults looking to get it on.

3. But Don’t Give Cybersex a Bad Name
But as long as you’re safe and smart about it, there’s not a thing wrong with looking into chat rooms for a good time. The term cybersex has been around since practically the dawning of the internet, but even today, it’s as good a word as any. There are specific websites to look for if you want something long and meaningful, and there are completely different sites to look for when you’re interested in a quick fling. Neither is a bad choice; it just depends on what you’re looking for.

4. Sexting is the Better Option
Words can be some of the sexiest ways of getting a message across, whether you’re hearing them spoken or reading them in your own head. Depending on how personal you want to get, there are options from text chats to videos to just about anything in between – whatever suits your fancy and warms you up for a little feel-good time. Just beware that videos are easier to share – some sexy texts are a little easier for you to deny, making them safer than nudes.

Sometimes physically meeting someone can do more for setting the mood than text on a screen can. It all comes back to what you’re looking for. If you want a night out and a tryst with a real person, go local, then log off and get out there. But if you’re looking for something a little more laid back and a lot less effort, then find something online and search around. Once you find someone to connect to, you both can spend your own amount of alone time with your computers and get down to having fun – safely.