"Three boiled eggs, two slices of wholemeal toast and a whole plantain. Stay healthy."

It isn’t just a music production duo; it’s also a movement. London-based DJs Lukey and Jelacee make up Stööki Sound, a pair on the rise worldwide because of its SoundCloud burners in the UK bass, hip-hop and trap realm. After the Internet grabbed hold of its viral track “Ball So Hard,” other originals and remixes of popular songs followed suit. Now with tens of thousands of online fans in the bag, the two are on the road stopping in cities all over the U.S. to appease the masses.

1. What is the “Stööki Movement” for people who don't know?

Both: The Stööki Movement consists of three elements: Sound, Vision and Play. They translate to creative expression within Music, Fashion and Art. We encourage and invite people to get involved and become a part of what we are doing as much as possible, and that's what makes it's a movement.

2. Does your art reflect life, or does your life reflect art?

Jelacee: I'd say my art reflects life. I tend to produce tracks that vibe off of how I was feeling at the time I was making it. I don't really like sticking to a formula, that's why our music is always changing, because my life is too.

DJ Lukey: I think they both inform and have an effect on each other. By working on something Stööki-related seven days a week, the boundaries begin to blur.

3. What did you just have for breakfast?

Jelacee: Three boiled eggs, two slices of wholemeal toast and a whole plantain. Stay healthy.

DJ Lukey: A bagel with cream cheese.

4. Silent or a loud ringtone?

Jelacee: Silent. If I'm not near my phone it's for a valid reason, so I don't need to it to be loud — I'm always on my phone. [laughs]

DJ Lukey: Vibrate.

5. Favorite childhood memory?

Jelacee: Mine would probably have to be Christmas days at my grandparents’ house. My entire family would come, have a massive feast, play games and just have a really good time. I'm a big believer that family should be close, so I'm privileged to have such a loving family around me.

DJ Lukey: Going to the Adventure Playground in my local park in the summertime.

6. Who would you most like to collaborate with?

Jelacee: I'd have to say RL Grime or Hudson Mohawke. I don't really have idols, but in the production game, I have so much respect for these two.

DJ Lukey: The Neptunes.

7. What does the world need more of?

Jelacee: Love.

DJ Lukey: Peace.

8. In three words, describe the state of music:

Jelacee: Money changed everything.

DJ Lukey: Ready for change.

9. Name 3 tracks of yours people should listen to if they've never heard you:

Jelacee: “UPPERS,” “Ball So Hard” and “Talkin Bout'.”

10. What can we expect out of Stööki Sound in the future?

DJ Lukey: I think people can expect to hear a big evolution in sound on our forthcoming EP compared to our first release, both in the instrumentation and developments with us working with vocalists/rappers this time around. Also, a progression with our shows as we have started to include more of a live element to them. We are excited to keep developing them and push boundaries!

// Stööki Sound w/ Hoodboi @ Summit Music Hall – Thursday, May 12