We don't remember seeing that move in Tony Hawk Pro Skater …

So, some guy was catching a video of the sunset when he saw a flamboyant orange McLaren run a stop sign because rules don't apply to rich people. The McLaren sped through the intersection, almost hitting a skateboarder crossing the street. The sk8r boi ditched off his board and fell to avoid being hit, but instead of just nollie 360-ing out of there like the better man, he proceeded to smash the living hell out of the $250,000 car's window. with his skate tray.

A dramatic chase scene ensued, and we have no idea what happened to this brave young man who took on the one percent with his deck of steel, but we have to say we're rooting for him in the end. He's kind of like Robin Hood; wrecking havoc for the right and … probably kickflipping the poor.