Evidently, Rodrigo Fernando dos Santos, 39, of Brazil didn't believe the world took him seriously enough with his other tattoos and therefore, needed something so ridiculous, so over-the-top and so painful that people would once and for all take him seriously. With over 70% of his body already decorated in tattoos, the Brazilian had only one other option: his eyeballs. The procedure uses a special type of syringe that injects permanent black ink between the conjunctiva and sclera layer that protects the eye. Feels delightful. Santos, or Mosquito as his friends call him, paid a buddy $500 for the procedure after researching the operation for the last two years. Well, if there's one thing you want to do before injecting black ink into your eyeballs, it's read up on the possible side-effects – and not from wikipedia. Which believe it or not, blindness is a side-effect. Who would have thought?

But we are artists. We understand Mr. Santos… Well, actually we don't fucking get it at all.