Before she gets to Denver on Nov 19 to play the Bluebird Theater, TOKiMONSTA chats with us about things and stuff.

Since she was given the distinction of “best female DJ” by LA Weekly in 2010, Jennifer “TOKiMONSTA” Lee has performed on some of the biggest festival stages and been featured on the hypest media sites in the industry. From BBC’s Radio 1 to Coachella and everything in between, she’s radiated her blend of electronic dance music fused with popular indie and R&B vibes through classic remixes and original tracks alike. On Thursday, Nov 19, she brings the musical medicine for what ails us all to the Bluebird Theater. Her new album FOVERE  drops Nov 9 — get it and get acquainted.

1.  Exactly how excited are you to perform in Denver?

"I'm incredibly excited. Denver is one of my favorite cities to perform in, so I always look forward to going back."

2.  Tell us a bit about your new work on FOVERE — is it a turn up or a turn down type of album?

"FOVERE  is a body of work I am most proud of — at least for now. The album is definitely a little turn up and turn down — turn in between?"

3.  If it weren’t for music, what do you think you’d be doing?

"Something else creative, I can't say for sure."

4.  How do you feel about artists giving out their music for free?

"I’m okay with any artist doing what they feel works for themselves. If an artist only wants to charge, or feels free music devalues the artform — that's cool. If the artist feels music should be given out for free to spread the sound — that's cool too."

5.  What can fans expect out of a TOKiMONSTA live performance?

"I want us all to have a shared experience we will all appreciate together. A group experience that I can look back on and be like, 'Yea, I had a lot of fun with the audience.'"

6.  How does Los Angeles traffic make you feel inside?


7.  Your cat, Misha, does he love your music too?

"He's a bass kitty. He tends to stick his head in the subwoofer, and I'm sure that's probably not what I should let him do, but he's a cat, and I can't tell him what to do."

8.  Are there ever any times where you want to quit music altogether?


9. What do you want people to take away from your tracks?

"I hope the songs help people grow and help people feel. I always want my music to convey feelings, emotions and to steer away from being another sterile dance track."

10.  What can we expect out of the future of TOKiMONSTA?

"More music and IDK. I wish I knew the future."