And all this time, we thought that Hugo Chavez was doing something right. All jokes aside, the more you think about it, the less funny it becomes. Venezuela is facing a national crisis as the amount of toilet paper in the country is dangerously low. The Venezuelan Commerce Minister Alejandro Fleming, per the government norm, blames the disruptive, politically driven media for laying such claims yet hopes to import 50 million rolls  soon "so that people calm down."

Economists say otherwise, saying that the state-controlled pricing designed to provide more products to poor people in other parts of the country is to blame. Sadly, this is the least of the Venezuelan people's problem as they are facing food shortages since the scarcity index is at its lowest since 2009. 

On the bright side, if you can't eat, you can't shit and therefore you don't need toilet paper. But seriously, next time you clog your toilet, be grateful for the toilet paper.