This is one of the funniest segments we've ever seen …

Give it up for the king of late-night one time. We haven't laughed this hard at a television segment in a really long while, and for it being an astounding 11 minutes (eons in Internet time), Conan, Kevin Hart, Ice Cube and one of Conan'a staffers, Diana Chang — one of Conan's staffers — put on one of the funniest comedic clips of all time and keep the laughs coming the entire way. BEST OF ALL TIME!

Ride along with Conan as he teaches Change the rules of the road before her driving test. He delivers real life situational obstacles throughout, eventually picking up Ice Cube and Kevin Hart for a ride-along. 

And what road test wouldn't be complete without stopping at a dispensary and almost being popped by the police? COMEDIC GOLD!