Last Thursday, a lunatic in Michigan erupted into a spree of violence before going out with a bang, literally. Ex-convict, Eric Ramsey, kidnapped and raped a CMU student. Afterwards, while said psycho was driving her to a safe execution/burial site, the woman leaped from the car and escaped into a home where she and three children locked themselves in a bathroom awaiting their father and police. After failing to rouse the victims, Ramsey set fire to the house and went on a double vehicular rampage (after stealing a flatbed truck) ramming cop cars while posting to Facebook. In the hour before his death Ramsey posted on a friend’s page, "It's been real, bro. I wish we could have hung out longer." Then, minutes before his death, "Well folks, I'm about to get shot. Peace.” Who knew psychopaths were considerate enough to inform their friends of their impending death?