TRUMPUSAN 2016!!!!!


Sorry, we just needed to get that off our chest right away, because it seems as if the entire earth is convinced otherwise.

The confusing item in question is a parody of a fictional Japanese Donald Trump ad created by YouTube personality Mike Diva. He made it because he's funny and sarcastic and weirdly good at capturing the irreverent, pastel world of Japanese pop idols. Also because, in his words, "this little guy, Trumpusan, is adorable." People just want to hug and kiss his mutated little face! He does look like a flattened squirrel that would do great as an overlooked taxidermy in a Midwestern antique shop, so … true.

However, it's in no way an ad for the Donald.

"I’m definitely not a Trump supporter, “ he told The Daily Beast. See? Sarcasm.

Yet, it appears most of the world doesn't have the sarcasm gene, and the video fooled many more people than intended. About half of the video's YouTube comments are angry war cries denouncing Japan's "ignorance" and earnestly asserting just how dangerous it would be for Japan to endorse Trump. Oh, would it now?

All this is a confusion Diva is happy to foster. "A lot of people are confused, a lot of people think its real, and a lot of people are angry," he told The Japan Times.

Oh, well. This is why the internet exists after all, isn't it? To fool stupid people and make smart ones laugh snort? You be the judge.