Two dudes have to show the rest of the stadium how huge they are in the pants.

Dudes, srsly!? You couldn't tuck your obviously large *sarcasm* cock in long enough to wait until after Pat Bowlen's memorial video was played to continue your pissing contest? We get it, drinking and testosterone and all of that — but this is Denver motherfuckin' Colorado, and we'd like to think … think … that we're classier folks than this.

So there's not much else to say that the video doesn't already embody. Two old dudes are presumably drunk at the Broncos vs. Packers game and punch each other (that's an expensive headache!). The second receiving end couldn't handle the blow and gets knocked the fuck out. Can we sell weed at the stadium yet or do we have to continue to watch this embarrassing bullshit unfold on media outlets around the nation?