Scripted or not, a good meltdown is always video gold …

Click forward to the 7:00 mark for the beginning of Penn Darfield's set — unless you want to listen to the New Ben Franklins, then just start from the beginning … obviously.

Cable television has fallen off from its mighty reign as a media mogul these past few years. What with online streaming, selective programming, the YouTubes … and actually going outside to do things … the massive carriers seem to be struggling to pull viewers lately — even the smaller stations with local programming taking bites out of its reach. Good entertainment is just good entertainment, no matter if it’s featured in HD quality or not.

When we saw the above clip from Denver-based comedian Andy Juett acting out as his alter ego, Penn Darfield, we forgot entirely what Comedy Central even is. Melting down on Public Television is viral gold, scripted or not.

Penn Darfield, you’re hired for any landline phone answering positions we ever have open up in the future — hit us up with that hand-typed resume!