Thank god for Spirit Lake, Idaho Councilman Jimmy Brown Jr. Without him, we'd still be grasping around blindly in the dark, searching madly for the answer to the question, "What does a real man look like?" Well, him. He is man.

And how do we know about this amazing discovery? Councilman Jimmy was kind enough to inform the world that he was the perfect specimen of manhood after he was involved in an altercation with Spirit Lake resident, Eric Vangemert. They had some sort of physical confrontation at a bar about an incident between Jimmy and one of Eric's friends that happened a few years ago, but when things got heated, Jimmy ripped off his clothes and exposed his perfect manhood to Eric's wife, bellowing, "This is what a real man looks like!"

Making matters manlier, he had the balls (which everyone saw) to ask his arresting officer if he was "exempt from the law" because he was a City Council member.