Hide your wives, hide your cats.

Another person has been caught having sex with a cat, less than a month after this happened. Really guys, cats?

This time, the perp was Idaho man Ryan Tannenholz, who was arrested Thursday for 'sexually penetrating' a cat on multiple occasions, reports the Huffington Post. He's accused of six counts of crimes against nature, and one count of cruelty to an animal. Again…cats? Why, why, why?

Ryan was also, incidentally, a self-proclaimed "furry". Online Furry News Magazine Flayrah reports that Tannenholz was a member of the furry fandom community, which generally describes people who enjoy the personification of animals, whether that means dressing up like them, creating an animal alter-ego, or like, fucking cats.  According to the website, Tannenholz was a "fursuiter" who portrayed himself as a "sparkly" husky named Bubblegum Husky, a blue fox named Kismet fox, and another purple canine. _________________________ (Insert your own witty retort here. We're too speechless right now.)

Okay, look. Everyone needs to stop fucking cats right now, because with all this recent cat-fuck news, it's making us look all we report on is cat abuse and it's getting kind of weird. CUT IT OUT.