There are two parties you don't want to invite strippers to: A duke lacrosse event and a kid's Sweet 16 party. One New York mother is finding out the hard way that giving your son the birds and bees talk by hiring strippers to attend his sweet 16 party can land you in some serious trouble. Judy Viger is being charged with five counts of endanger the welfare of a child when she organized and paid strippers to dance up on her son and his friends. What she forgot to take into consideration was that the party occurred at a public bowling alley in upstate New York. So chances are onlookers with their children at Family Bowling Night and Free Pizza might not view the dance routines in the same light. Either way, nothing says 'I'm 16 years-old' like a women upside down on your face and for that we grant this mother the 'Mother of the Year'.