At 90, we're merely hoping to be conscious sitting in our favorite recliner, legs propped up, a mixed drink resting on our belly and watching re-runs of the Price is Right.  At no point during this heavenly scenario, do we plan on punching, or being able to punch, a state trooper. But for 90 year-old Pennsylvania citizen, Russell Stiffler, it was another day at the house when state troopers rolled up on his crib and he had no choice but to defend his turf

Police, responding to a call from Stiffler's daughter-in-law who made repeated calls to the house which were hung-up on, came across the menacing old man standing his ground on the porch. Stiffler repeatedly ignored commands to put his hands in the air or step down from the porch, so the police had to take the delinquent old man down. However not without a fight. Stiffler managed to punch one of the police. That punch is now carrying a healthy dose of charges:  aggravated assault, simple assault, resisting arrest and harassment. Luckily, the officer on the receiving end of the old man's punch wasn't injured.

We've never trusted old people. Never will. But we have to give it up to the 90-year-old who has the shriveled balls to take a swing at a cop. Then again, when you're 90, you either don't understand the consequences or just had a late night Taco Bell Dorito Locos taco.