Aside from ruining your eyes, J-Lo movies will also ruin your life. And that's exactly what happened to Kayla Finley, who was arrested for failing to return a J-Lo movie she rented in 2005, when you were in high school.

If you're going to have your life ruined by a movie, please, for the love all that is holy, don't let it be a J-Lo movie. Unfortunately, South Carolina J-Lo worshipper Kayla Finley had to learn that the hard way.

She was arrested after she went to the police office to report a crime, but when the police entered her name into their system, they discovered that she had a warrant for failing to return a movie she rented in 2005.

Dear reader, we regret to inform you that that movie was "Monster-In-Law."

Yeah, the one where Jennifer Lopez has a pesky mother in law. She spent a night in jail, serving hard time for a crime that we can't really believe is a crime.

We think the only crime here is the one Kayla committed on her own nervous system by forcing it to perceive and interpret the sensory information coming from this:

"It's obvious that Pickens County has nothing better to do," Kayla wrote to Fox Carolina via Facebook. "I fully intend on fighting this. It's ridiculous that I had this happen to me." No Kayla, it's ridiculous that you wouldn't pick up "Mother-in-Law" with a pair of rubber gloves as to not get its essence on your fingers, then hurl it with all your might through the window of the BlockBuster you got it at in a feverish attempt to return the demon from whence it came.

Here's a video. Be warned, there are several scenes from "Mother-in-Law" towards the beginning, so you might want to gouge out your eyes real quick.

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