We don't use the term stupid bitch lightly. But this woman is a stupid bitch. Sorry honey, but posting a picturing yourself looking contrite and asking for money only works for your escort site, not the legal system. Lucky for her, her boss is rich as fuck and married to Nicki Hilton, which is probably why she thought stealing $1 million from him would be no big deal, expect you're stealing $1 million. If we had to pick who we care more about, the gum on our shoe or Renata Shamrokova, we'd pick the gum every time.

Via Daily Mail: A hedge fund manager's assistant has now turned to social media in order to raise the hundreds of thousands of dollars she has to pay him in restitution after pleading guilty of grand larceny. Renata Shamrokova, the 28-year-old personal assistant to Nicky Hilton’s former husband, admitted in court that she stole nearly $1 million from him. Now she is trying to raise the first portion of the mandated $821,000 in restitution that she has to give back to Meister in order to avoid spending a year or two in jail.

'Some people reading this may think that it is not the best way to raise restitution funds, but I am hopeful that someone will see past the media blitz and conclude that I deserve a second chance to restart my life while there is still an opportunity to do so.

'I am prepared for the backlash and even the opinions of those who think very little of me but am hoping for a rare kind of person to see the potential and be able to provide monetary help.' In court she confessed to taking out two American Express cards in Meister's name and spending $900,000 traveling to Aruba, Canada, France and Italy.

She also bought thousands of pieces of jewelry which she then sold online for cash and paid off the credit cards by writing checks from her lover's JPMorgan account without his knowledge.
The Ukranian-born swindler spent the money while working as his assistant between March 2011 and January 2012 – and while no court records have identified her employer – it is a well-known fact that it was Meister.
In addition, she tried to spend some of the stolen money on starting up a jewelry curating business called Karat & Ice which she called a 'trusted carrier of authentic quality designer merchandise.'

In court, she tried to argue that she was in a relationship with Mr Meister, but he denied that, saying: ‘The women I date are far more highly educated.’