Don't let the photo deceive you, this little number from Las Vegas was arrested in her own backyard after neighbors called the police complaining that the 23 year-old was having sex with a pit bull in plain site. When the police arrived, that's exactly what they found: a naked lady on the ground with a pit bull. And what does one say when interrupted by police during sex with an animal? Police reported that after confronting the naked lady, she simply said "Hi" then went about her business with the dog. Upon further investigation of the situation between the 23-year-old and the pit bull, police found that the woman couldn’t identify herself, the current date, or the name of the President of the United States.

Surprisingly, the police went on to report that the lady was under the influence of drugs and appeared to be mentally ill. Really? Sane individuals normally choose a less violent dog. The 23 year-old was booked on open and gross lewdness and the dog was taken by animal control. It is not yet determined if the dog is owned by the young lady.

We can only imagine that the last words to come from the lady before she was carted off to jail were: "Please have the dog's nails clipped."