Even though the blokes from British rock band You Me At Six are well under most in their years here on earth, they’re no strangers to the music game. The members have been making albums and charting overseas for the better part of 7 years, making them all teenagers when things really blew up for them. It’s an impressive undertaking, and one that’s only garnered more steam as the act has begun to chisel itself into the finicky American rock scene.

While en route to Denver and The Summit Music Hall for a showing of its current tour, You Me At Six frontman Josh Franceschi took a few moments to cater to our incessant requests for an interview. We were shocked and awed when he told us there’s still such a thing as music videos on television way out there in the England. Music television channels that actually plays music? A novelty indeed!

There’s a new album of yours coming out in January of next year, what can fans expect to be different on this than in albums past?

The new record still embodies everything that we feel is great about the band, but we just wanted to try some different things. Sonically it sounds amazing and it's the best sounding record we've ever produced, hands down.

Is there a title to the album yet?

Cavalier Youth

What kind of music can’t you listen to, no matter how hard you try?

I don't really let the genre of song dictate whether or not I spin it. I like good music. So I basically just don't listen to shit.

We imagine there will be some videos to go along with the singles coming off the album – do you personally feel that music videos are as important now as they were when things like MTV actually played them?

In England we have loads of music video channels and MTV is still a powerhouse. I know it's not quite the same as it used to be in America though. I think music videos are still important as they have a place in the online community. I think it's still important to accompany your music with something visual; the fans enjoy seeing their favourite bands doing that.

If you could start your own music television channel, what would be your first order of business as the director?

To have airtime dedicated to showcasing live music. Think that's a winner.

Why is it so important to tour as a band?

It's a musician’s bread and butter. No one makes money from record sales anymore and haven't for a long time. It's all about merch and ticket sales. But not from a financial standpoint, it's important, as it’s the main way to interact with our fans, face to face. Plus playing live is the best part of being in a band.

Does the touring ever get to be too much, and what does one have to do to get through some of the chaos that goes along with the lifestyle?

Sometimes, but then you think. 'Don't be a dick mate, do you know how lucky you are?'

Be honest, who has more beautiful people, Europe or America?

Europe, it's where my girlfriend is, so that's an easy answer aha.

You all are young guns in the industry; do you think your age is an advantage or disadvantage – or both?

Bit of both. For a long time we've put up with the patronizing 'ahh aren't they cute' bull shit. But at the same time we've been in the game 7 years and I’m only 23. I feel I've learnt a lot and am better off because of it.

Aside from the new album, what can we expect out of You Me At Six in the future?

Touring, touring and a bit more touring.