She just decimated 75 precent of your dishware. What do you do? 

She’s crazy. The fact that she just decimated 75 percent of your dishware because you said you think the relationship "could be better" isn’t an excuse for her to go mad-cow-disease on your assorted-color collection of cups and plates that might or might not have been taken from past roommates of yours. Chances are she has an anger management problem that’s been boiling under the surface like hot magma waiting to erupt at the perfect moment for a super-volcano effect that only reinforces that she’s bat shit crazy.

Now that you’ve confirmed she’s capable of destroying your possessions and possibly stabbing you in your sleep, it’s time to make the breakup complete. Luckily for you, there’s nothing else in the house to break except maybe ALL OF THE PICTURE FRAMES CONTAINING PHOTOS OF THE TWO OF YOU! Our advice, let her get it out. Either way, she’s most likely going to lie to you that she lost the key to your house, break back into it and steal something dear to you at a later point.

Love. It’s a motherfucker. [True story.]