While it sounds like our type of ladies, we might want to stay away from these seductive senior citizens. It appears that Dutch twins, Louise and Martine Fokken, have ridden the Double Dutch Bus one too many times. The sister prostitutes from Amsterdam managed to rack up a client list that surpasses the population of most cities in a career that spans more than 50 years. During that time, the twins claim to have bagged more than 355,000 men. To break that down, that's 3,550 men per year per girl. And to break that down even more, that's 9.7 men per day. They celebrated their 70th birthday last year, making them the oldest prostitutes on the block. 

Before the wrinkles, dentures and catheters, and prostitution was legal in Amsterdam, the twins began their 50 year career backed by a pimp. But following a series of violent interactions, the two broke off and started their own brothel. It was there that the sisters refined their trade, raised their large families and pursued their hobbies of writing, designing and fellatio. Unfortunately, age and handjobs took their toll on Louise and due to arthritis, and she had to retire early from the game. As for Martine, she kept the Fokken name alive and well until this year when she decided to throw in the towel as well. 

If this story sounds too good to be true, check out their documentary aptly named Countless — in regards to the fact that the ladies can't exactly remember how many clients they've serviced, just that it's around 355,000. Wheelchair or not, these ladies have aroused suspicion in every man's mind as to how well job experience plays into job performance.