Are you out of tissues or AA batteries for your Rabbit? Good, because you might not be needing them for this freakish romp.

The day has come. All that hoping and praying we've been doing has finally paid off, because guess what, world? Alyssa Milano's sex tape has leaked. And she is into some weird, weird shit…You might want to take notes.

Aaand cue blue balls. Or blue vagina, whichever applies. GOOD ONE, ALYSSA. Ha, ha. That was a courtesy laugh.

Alyssa apparently released the damn thing herself in order to educate horny Who's the Boss? fans about the Syrian crisis and why we should care about it. Oooh, kinky and humanitarian.

But hey, you and I aren't the only ones feeling less than satiated after seeing this… Check out these people's furious, hilarious responses to her video from Gawker.

We still love you though, Alyssa. Just slightly less than before.