The mayoral candidate who just can't stop texting pictures of his genitalia, might have lost votes during his sexting spree, but there's a positive note for the candidate's resume after his sexting partner Sydney Leathers landing a porn gig and has just released a short video changing in and out of lingerie for porn empire Vivid. Weiner can now say he's creating jobs, which is not something a lot of candidates can admit to these days.

After the fall-out over their sexting scandal, Weiner hit the airwaves apologizing while Sydney Leathers hit the circuit promoting herself as the next best starlett. Not only does she have the porn star name but her Grade-A assets that lead to Weiner's demise are in top form during the shoot. The five-minute clip features Ms. Leathers disrobing from lingerie and wrapping herself in the American flag while she rehashes the month-long affair she had with the politician in a seductive story with amazing quotes like " he poked me through facebook" and "I'm attracted to smarts. That's what attracted me to Weiner."

There's nothing like getting poked by a Weiner on Facebook. 

Yet, even with all of the publicity and fame, she still finds time to credit the weasel-looking politician said all the right things. 

"He would always compliment me on my breasts and my butt and my feet, and he would always tell me I was the perfect height to wear heels," said the 23-year-old. 

We aren't sure how that says go into porn. Like most porn stars, she didn't have much to say about her dad, but had plenty to say about the man who sexted pictures of his penis to her and inevitably catapulted her to porn stardom. 

The lesson for all young girls out there is that if life gives you lemons and sexts of penises, turn that shit into lemonade and drink it while filming your first porn.