Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month's Blind Date, we set Lindsey and Ryan up for a special night at Colorado Campfire in Denver.


Current Job: Budtender at Green Cross at Cherry Creek. 
Last concert: Billy Failing at Cervantes.
Favorite junk food: Pizza.
Cats or Dogs: I love them both. As long as they like me, I like them. 
Do you want kids? No… maybe… let’s say no.  
What’s your type: I don’t really have a type. They’re all different. Nice and active.  
Deal Breakers: Immaturity. Judgementative.  
Last relationship: Ended in March of this year. It was a year and a half. 
Celebrity Crush: Lindsey Sterling.
Guilty pleasure: Reality TV. Naked and Afraid. 



Current Job: Brand Manager at The Health Center. 
Last concert: Illenium last Friday. 
Favorite junk food: Ben and Jerry’s Cookie Dough Ice Cream. 
Cats or Dogs: Dogs. 
Do you want kids? No.
What’s your type: I used to go for blondes, but now I don’t have a type. 
Deal Breakers: Sober, clingy, and not fun. 
Last relationship: It lasted six years and ended in June.
Celebrity Crush: Jimmy Garoppolo.
Guilty pleasure: Tequila.



The outdoor fireplaces are burning, the spicy palomas are flowing, and the daters are getting passed the awkward first questions. In between drinks, we pull them aside to see how things are going.

What are you most nervous about for tonight?
L: The picture. 
G: Being late. I hate being late. That didn’t happen fortunately. 

Where do you normally meet potential partners?
L: At music shows, concerts, festivals, etc. 
G: Bars and restaurants, coffee shops. 

Why do you think you’re a catch?
L: I don’t. I think I’m fun. Caring but not too caring. I like to have a good time. 
G: I’m sensitive and thoughtful. Once I know you, I’m loyal. 

What are you looking for in a partner?
L: Someone to adventure with: go to live music, snowboarding, hiking, traveling, and to be my best friend.
G: Loyalty, respect, communication, personal responsibility and the willingness to put in the work.  
What makes for a successful relationship?
L: Communication, trust.
G: A good sense of humor.  
Did you get any advice for this date?
L: Have fun. 
G: No, I didn’t ask anyone. I got a lot of well wishes. 

How did you prepare for the date?
L: I had a little tequila before I came here.
G: Took a shower. Got a haircut. Brushed my teeth. Bought a rose off a lady on the street.   

What was the first thing you noticed about your date?
L: He’s cute. He got me a rose. 
G: She’s really pretty. She reminded me of my sister with her mannerisms. Don’t say that! 

Are you attracted to your date?
L: Possibly. Potentially. 
G: Yes. 

What are your first impressions?
L: He’s respectful, cute, and smart.
G: She’s really nice. She has a great smile. She seems put together.




Hosting a date on the night of the first Avalanche game to kickoff the season creates a boisterous atmosphere. The daters order mac and cheese, sandwiches and Smoked Old Fashioneds. When they finish eating, we see if there’s any fire beneath that smoke! 

How was dinner?
L: So far, so good. 
G: It was good. The wings were fire. 

How’s the chemistry on a scale of 1 to 10?
L: Like a 6. He’s definitely cute. Tequila makes it better and we have a lot of similar interests. There aren’t any awkward silences. 
G: 8 or 9. I’m getting along. Conversation is flowing. We keep forgetting to look at the menu. 
Do you guys have anything in common?
L: We both love live music. We like snowboarding. We like mushrooms. 
G: A lot actually. Same music tastes. We like everything except for country music. We both like snow sports. We both grew up religious but are no longer.  
Are there any deal breakers so far?
L: No. He seems fun and not clingy. 
G: No. 
What’s something interesting you’ve learned about your date?
L: He can play like six different instruments, and he’s in a band. 
G: She rejected her Jewish upbringing from a very young age which is a really rare thing. 

What would your family say about them?
L: My dad would be into him. He loves to go out and smoke weed. 
G: Good job. You’re doing alright.  

Overall, how’s the date going?
L: I think it’s going really well. It’s really fun. 
G: Good. Really good. I give it four thumbs up. A lot better than I expected considering walking into a blind date. 

How does he compare to other guys you’ve dated?
L: I think that he’s a breath of fresh air. I don’t feel like he’s a player. 
G: She’s honestly better than most of the other girls I’ve dated. Not going to lie. 
Is Colorado Campfire a good place for a date?
L: Totally. 
G: Hell yeah! 



Server Notes

“They seem like they’re having a good conversation and there aren’t any weird awkward pauses. I give it a 90% chance of it working out. The booze is helping her."

– Kacie



Great conversation, stiff drinks, a mutual distrust about religion? There's something burning, and it's not just the outside fireplaces in the fresh night air. We leave the daters for the evening as they order their next drink. The next morning, we call to find out what we missed. 

What happened after Rooster left? 
L: We went to 1UP Arcade Bar. 
G: After Rooster left, we finished up our drinks, went to another bar, and played arcade games. 

Did the Rooster find a match? 
L: We had a lot in common but I am not sure I could see things moving forward. 
G: Yes, it was a good match! I liked Lindsay. 

Was there a goodbye kiss? 
L: Nope. 
G: No goodbye kiss. 

Would you have changed anything about the date? 
L: No, it went really smoothly for a blind date. 
G: I wouldn’t change anything. Rooster and Colorado Campfire were great. 

Would you go on a second date with them? 
L: Maybe. 
G: Yes, I would go on a second date. 

Overall, how was the date? 
L: The date was super fun and we had a great time. If anything, I made a new friend. 
G: The date was really fun! I had a great time meeting Lindsay, and the food and drinks were great. Thanks for a fun first blind date Rooster! 


Just when we thought the third round was headed in the right direction, the infamous "friend" word appeared. As frustrating as this may be, we're glad the two enjoyed their evening trying a new adventure and drinking spicy palomas. Rooster will go back to the drawing board to find our next daters looking for love!