Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month's Blind Date, we set Nat and Brandon up for a special night at Hapa Sushi in downtown Denver.

Meet The Daters


Dream Job: Work for corporate cannabis
Last concert: Masego
Ideal date night: Going somewhere nice to eat and then doing something like bowling or playing games.
Biggest pet peeve: Someone spending way too much time on their phone.
Cats or Dogs: Dogs all the way.
Winter or Summer: Summer
Do you want kids? I could see myself having children.
Qualities you want in a partner: Communication, similar interests, organized
Deal Breakers: Trump supporter.
Strangest date story: Tripping acid on a first date. It got strange real fast.
How did your last relationship end: By both of us admitting we were growing apart.
Celebrity Crush: Kiera Knightly
Guilty pleasure: A nicotine vape pen.



Dream Job: Something in the mental health field.
Last concert: Jinkx and Dela Holiday Special.
Ideal date night: Being in a situation where you can talk and get to know someone.
Biggest Pet Peeve: People who are rude—especially rude to service staff. People who leave scooters in the middle of ramps.
Cats or Dogs: Both but I have cats.
Winter or Summer: Fall.
Do you want kids? Possibly. If it happens it happens.
What’s your type: Anyone I connect with intellectually and physically.
Deal Breakers: Trump supporters.
Strangest date story: I think this is the strangest one.
How did your last relationship end: He dumped me over the phone.
Celebrity Crush: Jason Mantzoukas.
Guilty pleasure: Eating snacks in bed.

Round 1

On a brisk night in downtown Denver, the daters arrive for an experience unlike anything else. Brandon shows up 40 minutes early letting us know he’s a go getter. Nat arrives on time, wondering what lies ahead. After a first round of drinks and small talk, we pull them aside to see how it’s going.

How would you describe your dating life in three words:
N: Scattered. Unpredictable. Fun.
B: Casual. Dinner. Show.

Why are you on a blind date?
N: Got nothing else to do tonight.
B: I want to put myself out there more. This is a good opportunity.

What are you most nervous about for tonight?
N: The magazine stuff. Having my picture taken and I hope he doesn’t say anything mean about me.
B: The food honestly. I’m not a seafood guy. I’m excited for Hapa to change my mind.

Where do you normally meet potential partners?
N: Through friends.
B: In my industry and at events.

Why do you think you’re a catch?
N: I don’t know if I’m a catch. But I’m a nice person and I think I’m funny and pretty smart.
B: I think I have a lot going on for myself.

What are you looking for in a partner?
N: Someone who gets me and who I get.
B: Someone who’s considerate and nice. Healthy. Active lifestyle.They have hobbies and things going on.   

Did you get any advice for this date?
N: To remember that I’m hot.
B: I didn’t. I told my folks and they were just excited.

How did you prepare for the date?
N: I read over a couple Rooster interviews. I did my makeup. I had my normal first date jitters.
B: I brought a dress shirt so I didn’t smell like the days work. I looked up the menu to see what was going on.

What was the first thing you noticed about your date?
N: He’s got cool hand tattoos.
B: She’s very pretty and dressed very well.

What are your first impressions?
N: He seems like a really nice, interesting person and a life story I haven’t heard before.
B: She might be a little nervous.

Are you attracted to your date?
N: He’s attractive.
B: Absolutely.

Round 2

Both daters are attracted to each other and Nat is digging the cool hand tattoos. What could go wrong? Hapa serves up delicious sashimi, Fuji Apple Blue salads and Monkey Business cocktails to complement the daters’ conversation. We wait for a break in the conversation to see how it's going.

How was dinner?
N: Dinner was great. Conversation has been flowing.
B: It was great. I will say I’m not a seafood fan but I really enjoyed the salmon and orgasm roll.

Have your first impressions changed?
N: He still has cool hand tattoos.
B: No, she’s still very attractive. It’s been great talking with her.

How’s the chemistry on a scale of 1 to 10?
N: I think it’s difficult to put human connection on a numeric scale.
B: I say at least a 7. She’s smiling a lot and adding to the conversation.

Do you guys have anything in common?
N: We both brewed Kombucha and have similar political beliefs.
B: Politically we’re on point. We definitely like the same foods, we’ve made our own kombucha.

What’s been the best part of the date so far?
N: I don’t know if there’s been a peak yet.
B: I think getting to know her and trying the dishes she picked out.

What’s something interesting you’ve learned about your date?
N: I want to learn more about his older brother and three sisters.
B: She loves to cook. It’s a very attractive characteristic because I’m very bad at cooking.

What would your parents say about the dater?
N: I don’t care what they think.
B: I think my parents would say she looks like a respectable young lady.

How do they compare to other people you’ve dated?
N: He seems nicer. He seems like he knows who he is.
B: She’s prettier than the past girls.

Is Hapa Sushi a good place for a date?
N: The staff is super friendly and it’s been great.
B: I would definitely say yeah. A lot of people are here and it’s popping.

Where do you see the night going?
N: I think it might end with dinner.
B: I could definitely see us hanging out and talking longer.

Round 3

Nat comes into the second round with answers we can’t decode. Maybe it’s over after dinner? Maybe she thinks Brandon is more put together than the other guys she’s dated? Rooster has to hit the road for our early bed time but the next day, we check in to see how the night ended.

What happened after Rooster left?
N: We walked over to a Christmas-themed bar in Larimer Square and chatted for about an hour.
B: After Rooster left we walked to Larimer St. and went to a Christmas-themed bar. We had some drinks and continued our conversation.

Did Rooster find a match?
B: I think there is potential. She’s attractive and was easy to talk to. We’ll see if anything develops.

Was there a good bye kiss?
N: A goodbye hug.
B: There was no kiss goodbye.

Would you go on a second date with them?
N: Potentially.
B: I would go on a second date with her. We exchanged numbers.

Overall, how was the date?
N: Better than a lot of first dates from the apps. I had fun and met a nice person.
B: Overall, the date was great. Nat is sweet and Hapa was good. The Rooster crew was cool and did a good job. I think everyone in the room knew we were on a blind date, but it didn’t bother me.   

Is there anything you want to end with?
N: I’m glad I did this … it’s totally out of my comfort zone but I had a great time.
B: If you’re single and looking for a partner, don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.


Numbers were exchanged; hugs were given; and someone called the Rooster crew cool. All in all, it sounds like a successful night, even if Nat left us wondering what the next step might be. As for Rooster, we’ll head back to the drawing board to see if we can find love in this wide world of offline dating.