Some really good moves in here you guys.

We'd all like to think that our grandparents are have retired from a good five decades of sexual activity, but that couldn't be further from reality. Old people nationwide are slutting it up, engaging in raunchy, frivolous unprotected sex at will (or at least when their Cialis prescriptions get renewed). But, their sins have not gone unnoticed, and as a result of their rabid fucking, rampant STDs have spread among the elderly population. In fact, seniors have seen the highest increase in STDs among any age group.

It's so bad that the problem necessitated a PSA from, which what you just watched. Normally, we'd be slightly nauseated at seeing seniors perform acrobatic sex simulations, but MAN ARE THERE SOME GOOD MOVES IN THERE. We're over here sweating over cowgirl position and these people are doing inversions and other Tantric wizardry that we never even imagined existed. Grandma, this boner's for you.

P.S. Notice how it says "Florida" seniors. Nice job on having less gonorrhea, Colorado nanas. Thanks for the $10 Christmas check, by the way.