Definitely try this at home with your best friend Kyle!

As one could imagine, professional wrestling careers tend to be short-lived. A wrestler’s signature finishing move; however, can live on forever. The immortal appeal of the ‘Stone Cold Stunner,’ the iconic ‘Steiner Recliner,’ and ‘The Choke Slam from Hell’ are all wrestling staples of redneck lore.

However, most of these iconic body slams are conducted peoples' backs and arms and stuff … never by the semi-erect penis of a man scorned. Until now. Until wrestler Joey Ryan beat the shit out his opponent with nothing more than his little weener.

Ladies and gentlemen, may we introduce to you the next generation of absurd finishing moves…The Penis Suplex. Basically a guy grabs your dick and your neck veins pop out and the other guy dies. It's pretty awesome. Definitely use it in your next bar fight.