There's no coming back from listening to "It's A Small World" on repeat for 30 minutes. The horror, the horror. Jose Martinez went through that excruciating pain after the "It's a Small World" ride at Disney land hit a glitch and shut down. According to Martinez's lawyer, while other passengers were being assisted off the ride, staff were unable to help Martinez because of his handicapped condition causing him to be in a wheel chair. What Martinez experienced next, no individual should ever have to go through; he listened to "Small World" for the next 30 minutes. And because of that, the lawyer explained, Martinez's other health impediments were jeopardized and therefore he should be awarded compensation to the tune of $8,000. While the judge didn't buy that argument so much, she did award money to Mr. Martinez because Disney failed to warn handicap people that if the ride broke down, they would get stuck.