The Duck Dynasty family has decided to put together a Christmas album. And that's where we draw the line. We'll admit we've succumbed to endless hours of 'Duck Dynasty' marathons while nursing our weekend binder. But it's time to slow down with the duck brand and pump the brakes. 

The list of 'Duck Dynasty' branded products reads like a Wal Mart shopping aisle: 'Duck Dynasty' cajun seasoning, flashlights, bobbleheads, cookbooks, rubber ducks, dish ware, silverware, furniture, and even Willie Robertson Chia Pets. Let's be honest, exploitation of the brand occurred way back with the cajun seasonings and cookware considering that squirrel stew is part of the culinary complexity of the show. 

But the making of a Christmas Album goes above and beyond beating a dead horse. The Album Duck The Halls: A Robertson Family Christmas, will be released through Universal Music Group Nashville and hits the shelves of your local Wal Mart just in time to fill your trailer with delightful sounds of old classics and of course, the sounds of duck calls. We're sick of fucking duck calls. No more ducks. No more calls.