Each month, we set two daters up at a restaurant, give them free food and drinks, then wait for the magic to happen. This month’s Blind Date, we set Erik and Kira up for a special night at Turtle Boat in Denver, Colorado.


Meet the Daters:

Erik | Budtender | Leo

Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date? Try something new.  

What do you do for fun? Spend time with my dogs. Go to concerts and other live events.

What are you best at? Being my authentic self.

What do you suck at? Finding the correct words.

Do you sing in the shower? Absolutely. Marvin Gaye.

What are you most grateful for? My dogs.

Do you want kids? Maybe one day.

Immediate red flags: Bringing up an ex boyfriend or currently talking to an ex.

One thing you can’t live without: My dog.

Why did your last relationship end: I ended it because I needed to do some soul searching. I needed to work on myself.

Celebrity crush: Kate Beckinsale.

Guilty pleasure: Binge eating in the middle of the night.

Kira | Account Manager |Sagittarius

Why are you going on a Rooster Blind Date? I’ve gone on so many bad dates, I might as well publish this one.  

What do you do for fun?  I go to a lot of concerts. Love live music.

What are you best at? I’m a good singer.

What do you suck at? Snowboarding. 

Do you sing in the shower? Always. Every single time. Fuck you by CeeLo Green. 

What are you most grateful for? My friends.

Do you want kids? Undecided.

Immediate red flags: Too soon after a previous relationship.

One thing you can’t live without: My friends and family.

Why did your last relationship end:  Different wants… going in different ways.

Celebrity crush: Jeremy Allen White.

Guilty pleasure: Reality TV. Vanderpump Rules for some reason. 

Round 1

They say if you want to know what the weather will be in Colorado, wait five minutes. Tonight is no different as the night starts off beautiful but quickly turns to rain. Both daters are currently attempting Sober-ish October so the kombucha’s from Turtle Boat will hit the spot. We let the daters meet, greet and then we pull them aside to get first impressions. 


How’s it going so far?

E: It’s going well. She’s really friendly. Good at conversation. 

K: It’s going well. 


What were your first impressions of your date? 

E: She’s really pretty. She seems smart and down to earth. 

K: He might be a little young. I don’t know his age. 


Is this the type of person you’d normally date?

E: Possibly. It’s hard to tell. 

K: Probably not. I date guys who tends to be artistic.


Where do you normally meet potential partners? 

E: Going out or through dating apps. 

K: Out and about. At shows a lot. 


What’s the strangest dating story you have?

E: I started dating a girl who after two weeks disclosed she had an entire family with kids and a baby daddy. 

K: I don’t know if I’ve had any crazy stories. Just typical Denver bad dates. Classic you meet them, seem fine, then they feel like they want to polyamorous. 


What are you most nervous about for tonight? 

E: Not making a good first impression. 

K: Not really anything right now. 


Did you get any advice for this date? 

E: A little here and there. Nothing I wouldn’t tell myself. 

K: No, not at all. I don’t think I told anyone. 


How did you prepare for the date? 

E: Took a shower. Shaved. Put on some cologne. 

K: By dating a bunch of men in Denver via Hinge. 


How did your date dress tonight? 

E: She dressed really nice. 

K: Typical Boulder Frat Boy. Casual plus. Doesn’t show a lot of his personality. Proper.

Round 2

Kira comes out swinging first with the jab at Erik’s style; Boulder frat boy isn’t the most endearing term. We’ll let the kombucha kick in and then see what her true impressions are. Turtle Boat serves up a tasty “Chef’s Choice” bowl for each dater consisting of various fish from Colorado and homemade sides. It’s delicious. We snap some photos, eat some grub then ask the daters how things are going. 


How’s it going 

E: I’m enjoying it a lot. She’s very fun to talk to. 

K: It’s going well. I was totally wrong about his age. 


What have you been talking about? 

E: A little bit of everything. Work, comedy. A hair of politics. 

K: Mostly just interest and stories. Experiencing. Things going on in our lives. 


Do you two have anything in common? 

E: We’re close in age. It seems like we have a few things in common. 

K: Yeah we both smoke a lot of weed. 


What do you like about your date?

E: She’s gorgeous. And she’s really easy to talk to. 

K: He’s very easy to talk to. 


What do you not like about your date? 

E: The fact that she thought I was younger than I actually am. I’m actually a year older. The skin routine is paying off. 

K: Not really anything that stands out. 


What’s the most attractive thing about your date? 

E: She has beautiful eyes and a smile. 

K: His sense of humor. He’s easy going. 


How would your parents feel about the dater? 

E: They’d like her. Absolutely! 

K: They would like him. They aren’t judgmental. 


What’s been the best part of the date so far? 

E: The food’s been really good. The conversation has been nice. 

K: The surprise that we have more in common than the first impressions. 


What could make the date better? 

E: Not much. 

K: It’s a little chilly. 


How’s the chemistry on a scale of 1-10? 

E: 7

K: 7


Where would you like the night to go from here? 

E: I wouldn’t mind exchanging numbers and going on a second date. 

K: Exchanging numbers. 


Will there be a good night hug, kiss or an exchange of numbers?

E: Only time will tell. 

K: Exchange of numbers… maybe a hug. 

Round 3

What?! In a turn of events, the daters are clicking! Knowing we got this one in the bag, we confidently pack our stuff, pat ourselves on the back and leave the daters on their own for the evening. We check in the next morning. 


How was Turtle Boat? 

E: Turtle Boat was delicious and nutritious. I would recommend it. 

K: Turtle Boat was delicious and the owner was wonderful. They locally source everything they can, and support a lot of other Colorado small businesses.



What happened after Rooster left?

E: After Rooster left, it started to rain. We chatted a bit more, she offered her number and I walked her to her vehicle. 

K: We stayed at the restaurant a bit longer, but classic Colorado—the weather turned so we called it a night.


What was the best part of the date and why?

E: Best part of the date was getting to know Kira because she is down to earth and had a good attitude throughout the entirety. 

K: I was pleasantly surprised by our connection. Good job Rooster!


Was there a goodnight kiss?

E: There may have been a goodnight smooch.

K: No comment. 


Will there be a second date? 

E: There will be a second date. 

K: Yes, the wheels are already in motion.


Anything you want to end with? 

E: Thank you to Rooster and Turtle Boat for taking the time to set up something like this.

K: A lot of us are used to hoping for the best, but expecting the worst when it comes to dating; and don’t get me wrong, there are a lot of walking red flags out in the world. But make sure those doubts aren’t keeping you from missing out on anyone or anything that could surprise you.



Scoreboard! What started as a rocky first round finished with a bang… errr a successful match. Hopefully the second date is as engaging as this date and there are more to come. In the meantime, Rooster is taking applications for those interested in love—and free food and drinks.