One lucky fan walked away with something more than a memorable experience after a recent Rihanna show in Brooklyn. Starkeema Greenidge claims that after she tried lipstick at the MAC makeup booth during the show, two days later she had her first outbreak of herpes. The best part? The brand of lipstick was Rihanna's personal brand RiRi Woo (What the fuck?). 

Any other celebrity and we might question the authenticity about this story but with Rihanna, we're certain there's credibility behind the herpes allegations. And now, Rihanna might need to sell some of her bright diamonds in order to pay for the lawsuit that's coming her way.

The lawsuit states "[MAC] should have known [it was] exposing patrons to possible spread of disease." 

For Starkeema, we have two bits of advice: change your first name and be glad you didn't come away with something worse. With all of the little tweens running around, anything is possible.