It was a sad day for one ultra-wealthy pop icon, who, unlike some people at the Brooklyn Nets game, found out he would not be going home with a free Nets t-shirt after some needy beggar snatched it from his grasp.

If we were a free t-shirt, it would be our dream to one day be shot through the air into the waiting hands of mega-millionaire Paul McCartney so that one day, we might join the mountain of untouched free merch he hides in his basement. But for one Brooklyn Nets t-shirt that was shot into the crowd at a basketball game attended by Sir Paul McCartney, who is also a knight, that day would sadly never come.

The shirt was quickly snatched away from the Paul's holy hands by a crazed fan who probably needed it to survive, leaving the world-famous mega-star without any free Nets brand clothing to take home to his beautiful, staggeringly wealthy wife. Ouch; that's gotta hurt.

The 17-time Grammy Award winner displayed the kind heartbreaking disappointment over losing the free Nets t-shirt that can only be expressed by a man who's net worth is $650 million as the shirt eluded his ringed fingers. His face contorts from buoyant elation to gloomy doom when the reality that he will not be getting an insanely good deal on t-shirts sinks in. We guess we know who's not going to be adding to their prized t-shirt collection in their 800 sq. foot, diamond encrusted walk-in closet anytime soon!

Meanwhile, people are starving in the typhoon-worn Philipines and we just saw a hobo wearing a Hello Kitty shirt, so…