And much, much more. 

1. You're soooo good looking. Photographer Captures Portraits Of People In Mid-Sneeze (

2. Facebook needs to make money, not sure if this is the right way to do so. Why is Facebook charging $100 for messages? (

3. The 2012-2013 Flu season takes no prisoners. Explore flu trends – United States (Google)

4. Authors are finicky when it comes to making movies out of their books. 11 Authors Who Hated the Movie Versions of Their Books (

5. Just in time for the weekend shenanigans, a drug-resistant Gonorrhea. Almost-Untreatable Gonorrhea: Proof That It’s Here  (

6. We wanted all the girls to understand what it's like sleeping with a Rooster staffer. How to Cope When He's, Uh, Super-Sized (