Kanye says he hasn't forgot where he came from and evidently where he came from had gold toilets. The mercurial rapper and his bootylicious girlfriend are decorating their $11 million Bel Air mansion and sparing any expense. The couple has ordered gold-plated toilets for each of their bathrooms running them more than $750,000. In all honesty, we'd do the same thing. The bathroom is where our biggest and best ideas come to us, we can't afford to waste time sitting on a middle-class toilet.  

Along with the gold thrones, the couple is also bringing in six special edition beds that run a cheap $174,000 each to make sure they never have a sleepless night again. Add that to the million dollar security system, $500,000 kitchen remodel, Swarovski-encrusted refridgerator  (crystal fridge pictured below) and life for Kimye sounds like a Kanye rap.

Kanye might be fucking crazy, but who cares when you're pulling down millions at each show.