"We can't accept human remains," is not something you typically hear from your rehab nurse. Unless you're Ke$ha.

Ke$ha, as it were, has been petitioning her fans to send her their teeth while she's in rehab so she can make art with them. And by art, we're guessing shes means some sort of glittery Wiccan monument to Burning Man that doubles as a portal for the spirits of dead racoons to cross through. Have you ever seen her? But, her rehab has a strict 'no teeth' policy, so Ke$ha is just going to have to find another way to summon her spirit animal; roadkil. She had her friend send this tweet to her fans:

However, you might like to know that when she's not in rehab Ke$ha is all over that tooth-art thing, and has been making everything from bras to bandanas to jewelry with teeth that her fans send her.

But there's a happy ending here, if you want to send Ke$ha some fake teeth, you are more than welcome to, just don't come crying to us when your grandma cuts off your allowance for stealing her dentures.