Here's a game-changing rebuttal to Jamie Casino's insanely hardcore commercial for his personal injury practice from the I! Am! A! Lawyer! guy, Adam Reposa. Christ, these lawyers are like the Bloods and Crips of personal injury litigation…

By now, you’ve no doubt already seen that completely insane commercial for lawyer Jamie Casino, which aired during the Super Bowl in Savannah, Georgia. It was a full 2-minutes long, and featured more explosions, fires, and sledgehammering gravestones than a Transformers remake directed by Tim and Eric. And if that doesn't scream "I will aim for a reasonable settlement on your personal injury case," nothing does.  It was so epic that it racked up about 5 million views over just a few dates, earing Jamie Casino the arbitrary and completely made-up title of World's Coolest Personal Injury Litigation Specialist.

But, we know a certain Austin lawyer, Adam Reposa, who didn't take too kindly to Jamie Casino's recent celebrity. Especially since he had been the reigning fun-guy lawyer ever since his 2012 I! Am! A! Lawyer! ad in which he repeatedly crashed his truck into a small car, proving to the general public that he was fully capable of representing you in a court of law. So, out of vengeance at being usurped from the Cool Lawyer throne, he created this wonderful, amazing response video to Jamie Casino's ad.

Wow. Just, wow.