No sir, we don't want another. Or even this first movie for that matter. Not only do the founders look like they've either a) killed a hooker and shoved her in the trunk of their golf cart, b) ran out of cocaine and jungle juice just before the interview, or c) all of the above but something about the whole eery cast feels like it's the place where fun goes to die. But since the "feedback was incredibly overwhelming", the two sigma Scorseses are moving forward with this cinematic masterpiece. Thank the man above. 

Want to contribute to movie greatness? You can donate to Total Frat Movie through Indiegogo. And hopefully, one day, enough money is raised that the masses who are demanding such a movie will have their popped collars pressed to the max. We personally will check it out during out inflight movie to Hawaii when the booze are flowing freely, re-runs of Frasier aren't available and there's absolutely no way of getting out of it. Then, and just then, will we watch it. 

First Open Audition: