He owned an entire island in the Bahamas, bedecked with a sprawling mansion compound, with multiple separate offices, a huge sundial and a bizarre sex temple. He owned a 10,000-acre ranch in New Mexico, with a 50,000 square foot mansion situated on a hill at its center. He owned the largest single private residence in Manhattan, a seven-story castle known as the “Herbert N. Straus House.”

And apparently, the renowned pedophile and pimp for the elite, Jeffery Epstein also owned a super-chic, ski-in, ski-out, Euro-style ski chalet in Vail, Colorado. Right at the base of the mountain, in fact, near one of the most highly trafficked areas on the slopes.

If you’ve skied Vail, chances are you’ve skied right past this place.  

375 Mill Creek Circle, is the epitome of alpine elegance: It sits on a private plot of land, surrounded by evergreen pines and spruce trees, pressed against the slopes and looking straight out at Golden Peak and the Riva Bahn Express. It’s got an indoor/outdoor swimming pool, a jacuzzi, huge balconies, several lavish bunk rooms, and a master bedroom with a four-poster bed, fit for a Scandinavian King. The estate is valued at over $24 million dollars and sits in one of the choicest spots in the entire village.

This insanely beautiful mansion, was one of two properties that were undisclosed in the breakdown Epstein’s finances, following his arrest and death.

Who knows what kinds of dark things transpired behind the walls of this prominent Vail mansion? Who knows how often he stayed there, or skied Vail himself?

Maybe often. Maybe never. He certainly isn’t around to tell us.

Apparently, the chalet was first bought by the heiress of Johnson & Johnson, from the original owners in 1994. The heiress, Elizabeth Ross “Libet” Johnson, was one of the few clients who Epstein managed wealth for and sometime in 1998, he somehow convinced her to make him an owner of the property and she legally transferred it over to him.  He did a similar thing with Les Wexner, who originally owned the Herbert N. Straus House in New York, but transferred the deed over to Epstein under mysterious circumstances.

The Vail estate sold earlier this year and no one really knows where the money went. As the trustee, Libet Johnson’s daughter, Annabell Teal may have received all or some of the funds. However, it’s unclear whether or not Epstein was also still a trustee — if he was, the other half of the $24 million would go to Epstein’s brother, Mark.

Regardless, the chalet is now under new ownership. And I doubt the realtor disclosed who it had belonged to previously…