Plus eight college degrees not worth the time or money, Justin's fan base hates weed and 25 of the most overplayed songs in today's compilation of reads. We do this because we care. 

1. What's tech gadgets you can plan on buying for next Christmas showcased at this year's CES. Smart Forks, Tiny Trackers and the Biggest Damn Tablet You’ve Ever Seen (Wired)

2. Kanye and Kim get pregnant, buy dream house but refuse to tie the knot. Exactly the path parents want their kids to take. WE DROPPED $11 MIL On New Mansion  (

3. No, Justin, no! Not weed. Anything but weed. But seriously, this is taking it too far. Justin Bieber fans self-harm in 'protest' against his alleged marijuana smoking (NME)

4. College, where one learns how to drink. Grad School, where one learns they should have applied for a job originally. 8 College Degrees with the Worst Return on Investment (

5. Those damn Taliban are getting smarter and smarter every day. Taliban uses sexy Facebook profiles to lure troops into giving away military secrets (

6. It hurts so good when these songs come on. The 25 Most Overplayed Songs Of All Time (

7. Boulder police might have missed the Gene Benet Ramsey case, but they won't let the shot elk case go unaccounted for. Off-duty Boulder officer in elk shooting had called in sick, operates taxidermy website (