Apparently Tetris is still a thing in the uber-underground world of gaming. What’s known as a “line-race” or “sprint” is still alive and well in the burgeoning world and is defined as an incredibly fast-paced challenge to knockout 40 lines in as little time as possible. Think mass-texting every person ever on PlentyOfFish looking for something to do on a Friday night – with a throat full of blow. It’s like that.

So when reported that a Japanese gamer who goes by the name “Keroco” broke the 20-second threshold in the still existent pastime, we had to indulge. It’s an impressive feat that rivals one of our own writer’s experience with the old classic when he was penned down for five months on house arrest, belittling people in real society because he heard some unfounded story of the Russians using the game as a way to grade intelligence. Seclusion does some strange things to addicts…but we digress.

And if you're wondering right now, "Rooster, what do the gaming experts have to say about this?" Well, Ben Mullen, Tetris king of the land, has gone on record and had this to say:

Let me humbly submit that this may be the greatest achievement in the history of gaming… This won’t make national news, but to be honest, it should.

Well, here you go Benzo – we’re making it national news!

Watch below as the YouTube clip astonishes your mind and puts you at odds with your own hobby choices. What’s even more astounding is that the Japanese have figured out a way to record Nintendo live-action to YouTube…or maybe that’s easy and we just don’t care enough to figure it out. Or maybe it’s not on Nintendo and we still don’t care. Either way, “Keroco por vida!”