It turns out American politicians aren't the only bastards trying to curb the liberties of there citizens. In Swaziland, Africa, Civil Aviation Authority marketing and corporate affairs director Sabelo Dlamini has issued a warning for all witches flying high in the sky: it will not be tolerated. Witches caught flying higher than 150 meters are subject to arrest and a fine of R500,000 ($55,000 USD). 

In Africa, the seriousness of witchcraft can't be denied. Witch doctors in the country pay an annual tax of $1.15, but last year, parliament argued to raise that tax in order to help the country's debt. Sometimes you need to take the one percent of witches to help the country.

As fighters of civil liberties, we take this extremely seriously and are shocked, not that witches are still considered real, but that if real, their rights are subject to limitations. It's 2013, and governments need to let freedom reign.

On another note: the fight to end HIV/AIDS in Africa has partially failed in part to the ban of circumcisions on men. Why the ban? Because there is a common belief that body parts could be used for dark purposes. Death by AIDs or death by witch? Tough call.